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How Check-in with Merits Can Benefit Your Organization Today

By Amanda Davis on April 2, 2020

In a perfect world, states, hospitals, and volunteer organizations would be able to validate and issue merits without all of the sign-in sheets, time spent confirming participant credentials, and countless hours adding up total participant time. With the Check-in with Merits app, all this can be done in an instant.

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Four Steps to Quick License Reciprocity with Merit ReadyNow

By Amanda Davis on March 27, 2020

The usual process of interstate licensing is known to be a long, manual, and paperwork-heavy process, but COVID-19 is striking an urgency that many have not felt before. During a time when every second counts, faster solutions are needed to allow medical professionals to get to work as soon as possible. Merit ReadyNow rises to the challenge of providing a quick solution, enabling any licensed medical professional in the U.S. to volunteer or work from any medical facility in the country for the duration of the crisis.

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Why Interstate Medical License Reciprocity is Fundamental During COVID-19

By Amanda Davis on March 23, 2020

With recent city-wide shutdowns, travel restrictions, and limited testing availability throughout the country, many Americans are worried that healthcare professionals will soon be overwhelmed with the number of patients needing care. And even more so—worried about the patients unable to receive it. In response to these concerns, Merit recently announced the launch of Merit ReadyNow which makes digital interstate license reciprocity work for the entire country.

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