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Key Benefits

Why share your BARBICIDE® merits?

COVID-19 has changed how professionals and clients interact at salons, spas, and barbershops. It has also changed client expectations.

It’s easy to show that you’ve taken the extra steps to be COVID-ready by completing the BARBICIDE® Certification and BARBICIDE® COVID-19 Certification courses.

When you accept your digital BARBICIDE® certifications from Merit, you’ll be ready to share them with the world.


Sharing Made Simple

Share your certifications with current and future clients on social media, through messaging platforms, or even in-person via scannable QR code.

One Place for Every Credential

Merit’s free smartphone app makes it easy to store, manage, access, and share all of your digital credentials.

Easy Certification Lookup

Clients can see which professionals have earned BARBICIDE® certificates by searching Merit Lookup.

How it works

Safely sharing certifications with your clients has never been easier.

Once you accept your BARBICIDE® merits, your certifications will be shareable and searchable through Merit’s mobile app and on Merit Lookup.

Option 1

Download the Merit app to share your certificates with clients via text, email, or scannable QR code.

Option 2

Search Merit Lookup for your certificates, and post directly to social media.




Accept your BARBICIDE® merits today to make them shareable and searchable.