Connected tools to make your job easier.

Apps to verify credentials, attach rich media, send printable certificates, and more.


Leverage a growing ecosystem of integrations.

Take advantage of these apps and integrations to verify credentials, attach videos and pictures to credentials, and send printable certificates.

Merit Lookup

Search and verify members’ merits on this publicly-available app.

Merit Lookup brings together merits issued by multiple organizations into a single verification tool for public use.

It makes verifying credentials fast and simple.

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Merit Check-in

Easily set up self-serve check-ins:

Slash the time required to manually check-in participants and to track participation.


Use digital credentials for instant verification:

Speed up the check-in process for your participants by enabling them to use the mobile app from Merit to immediately scan in.

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Credential Creator

Credential Creator allows you to create and issue customized printable certificates and attach them to digital merits.  

Easily create custom cards, licenses, awards, and certificates.

Quickly edit and update these credentials at any time.

Automatically attach these credentials to digital Merits for easy distribution.

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Burble helps skydivers connect their Merit account to the BurbleMe app.

Dropzones can verify their credentials quickly and easily and see verified, auto-updated information vetting the jumper standing at the desk, and speeding up the manifest process.

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Thanks to GearPro, riggers can create and issue digitally verifiable reserve pack cards to jumpers in the form or merits.

Jumpers can use these merits to build their digital packing logbook and enable dropzones to easily verify expiration dates.

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