Transforming cost recovery efforts

The Merit Verified Forms Engine eliminates time spent on paperwork, enables real-time visibility of burn, and expedites grant submissions and auditing with fully searchable logs.





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The ICS 214 Activity Log form records details of notable activities at any ICS level, including single resources, equipment, Task Forces, etc., and provides basic incident activity documentation and a reference for any afteraction report. 


Merit is taking forms – including the ICS 214 activity log – and processes completely digital.




The entire 214 submission and review process is made easy with:

  • Simplified form completion with fields automatically populated based on individuals’ merits and previous submissions

  • Faster reviews with hours pre-validated against digital time tracking receipts from Merit Check-in

  • A single platform for individuals, supervisors, and staff to submit, review, approve, and export data

  • A custom dashboard with near-real-time data on hours worked, miles driven, assets tracked, and costs associated



Step 1

Individuals register with Merit onsite and receive a physical badge tied to an underlying digital credential.




Step 2

Using their badge or Merit account, individuals check in and out of duty and receive a time-tracking receipt for each shift.



Step 3

At the end of each shift, individuals submit their Form ICS activity logs digitally.




Step 4

Applicable form fields are pre-populated for review based on verified identity and time tracking receipts.



Step 5

Once the fields are completed and reviewed, individuals submit to their supervisor, who receives the completed 214 for approval. Rejected forms can easily be fixed and resubmitted.




Step 6

The custom dashboard shows total headcount, hours, costs, and additional real-time data.


From registration and badging, through check-ins and 214 processing, personnel management and accountability now lives completely within Merit’s verified identity ecosystem.


Ready to digitize your organization’s 214s?


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